Review: Street Fighter X Tekken

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By Tony Maher

“Street Fighter X Tekken,” the latest crossover fighting game, is great start to finish. The title maintains what made each of these franchises into classics, and introduces new accents to keep it interesting. Although each franchise has added recent releases to their histories, Street Fighter X Tekken seems to stay true to the original formulas that made the originals so legendary.

Since the days of my youth, “Street Fighter” has been the series I compare all other fighting games to. I spent many a quarter battling my friends at Maxwell Street Pizza with Ryu, Ken, Guile and the gang for the title of current champion. I honestly cannot count the hours we spent playing Street Fighter on any available system. Since then, there have been many different versions of Street Fighter and many other fighting games. Few of those, however, could hold a Hadouken to the original Street Fighter 2. But Street Fighter X Tekken is excellent as a new incarnation of an old breed.

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