Tecmo Super Bowl is BACK

…on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN this spring according to Tecmo, and will be called Tecmo Bowl Throwback.

It will be based off of the SNES release, Tecmo Super Bowl, and will feature “old school” and “new school” graphics. On top of being a visual remake of the game, it will also come with a number of newfangled features such as online leaderboards and online multiplayer.

In addition to Mega Man and Sonic going retro, it’s just as fitting for this classic to hit the pixels in the same way. It’ll be interesting, though, to see whether the AI has also undergone a few tweaks.

Here are a few screens showing both modes that the game will have to help show off your HD TV


Super Bowl XLIV in Tecmo 8-bit

Do you remember Tecmo Bowl on the NES?

Do you also remember the impossible that would regularly play out during the game against the AI such as eighty yard returns on a single play on every other play? That’s like what Tracy Porter did during the Super Bowl…but having him do that magic in about as many times. But Tecmo Bowl holds a special place in the hearts of gamers that remember it as one of those titles, the ones that they look back on with a warm smile on their face. Flaws and all, it was great fun before Madden conquered the genre.

And here’s how Tracy Porter’s run would have looked like in the game thanks to one 8-bit fan. It’s not using the original sounds of the game, but it uses the live broadcast replacing the live visuals with 8-bit goodness.