Just in case you wanted to watch it, there’s a new teaser trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises”

Check out this new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, if you like Batman movies.

The official site links to the movie’s Facebook page, but it looks like you can watch it without having to “Like” like it.

The trailer, as befits a teaser trailer, doesn’t show much. You get to see some shots from “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight,” Gary Oldman portraying a seemingly injured or infirm Commissioner Gordon and Batman getting ready to fight Bane.

Bane as a nemesis seems like a bold choice, given the last time the villain appeared in a Batman movie, it was in the laughable “Batman and Robin.” He’s also a villain that a lot of casual viewers probably won’t recognize, but director Christopher Nolan also made Batman Begins work with Ra’s al Ghul work as the main villain before bringing in the Joker for The Dark Knight.

H/t to io9.