That’s right taffers, a new Thief is on its way


Eidos Montreal have officially announced that Thief 4 has been given the green light for production.

With a busy plate that also includes Deus Ex 3, expectations are extremely high in seeing what the studio has planned for the franchise whose adventures had arguably inspired the stealth genre as we know it today.

There’s not much else to see or read into other than the logo, although an interview on IncGamers with Eidos Montreal general manager, Stphane D’Astous, spreads some PR about the game but very little else other than in saying that they promise to hold true to the same ideals that the series is known for. It’s a tall order, but I’m excited all the same to even know that there’s going to be a new chapter to the Thief series.

You can also check out the official site which has a forum already in place to field all of the upcoming speculation.