E3 Video: Star Wars 1313

Gametrailers posted this segment up showing off part of the demo that Lucasarts held with Geoff Keighley yesterday. This is the new Star Wars, third-person cover shooter title being worked on which casts you as a bounty hunter heading down to level 1313 on Coruscant. In this segment, your partner has decided to take a much faster way down.

For the Star Wars newbies, Coruscant is the heart of the Empire and whose surface is covered and layered by a titanic city. “1313” is a reference to “CT-1313″, a fake ID that Boba Fett had used in an expanded universe story, but here, it’s used to name level 1313 of Coruscant. That’s right, the city has “thousands” of layers and this one is supposed to be the home to Coruscant’s worst.

Keep in mind that everything you see is in-game from the cinematics to the interaction. Excited yet?

Let’s finish it – the Gears of War 3 campaign trailer

The campaign trailer for Epic’s upcoming blitzkrieg, Gears of War 3, is out showing off a bit more of what players can expect from the single-player storyline aiming to finish the trilogy.

The last time we left Cole and Fenix, they had managed to drown the Locust with the sea and stop the early extinction of mankind. Now it looks like Fenix’s father is still alive and you can bet that he’ll be doing everything he can to rescue him.

That means it’s going to be an action packed thrill ride to who knows where, one filled with colossal creatures, ruins, and more glowy Lambent. Will you be ready when it emerges on shelves on September 20th? I know I’ll be.

Review: James Bond 007 – Blood Stone


I’m a Bond fan. I love his films. Not all of the movies were great, but at least on the whole, they’re better off than his often polarized career in gaming has been.

Blood Stone is the latest to punch and shoot it’s way onto shelves. But the question I have is why it’s begging me to buy a smartphone.
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Review: Kane & Lynch 2 – Dog Days (Xbox 360)


My problem with Kane and Lynch’s first outing was its heavy handed and clumsy take on making these two guys reprehensible bastards at nearly every turn.

There’s the kind of cool badness that Robert DeNiro can deliver onscreen, and then there’s the annoyingly preachy kind that has to remind you with every line of dialogue just why a character has had a maladjusted life after making that point several scenes earlier. Both Kane and Lynch fell into the latter category.

That, along with a lame boss fight against a giant dump truck, trashing its gritty start with a sudden about-face as a jungle shooter, and its weak multiplayer, Kane & Lynch felt squandered like so much loose change at the toll booth. So now we have the sequel, but while it improves a few things, it also manages to commit new criminal acts along the way.
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