Review: Top Spin 4

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Top Spin 4 is an enjoyable tennis game that left this player with a surprisingly positive first impression.

I use the word “surprisingly” because I know next to nothing about tennis. I know Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are good players, I know John McEnroe had a temper and I know Ana Ivanovic is one of the world’s best female players but probably gets more attention for her appearance. As far as tennis video games go, the last one I played featured Mario in the umpire’s chair.

Despite my tennis ignorance, 2K Sports has succeeded in designing a game in which it is easy to learn the basics and play the game out of the box. What’s more, the title seems to have enough of a learning curve to keep players coming back.

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Demos out for Major League Baseball 2K11 and Top Spin 4

A little late on this one, but 2K Sports released demos for Major League Baseball 2K11 and Top Spin 4 on Tuesday.

The demos are available for XBox Live and PlayStation Network players.

Major League Baseball 2K11’s demo features a three-inning scenario between last season’s World Series opponents, the San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers.

Top Spin 4’s features tennis pros like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Ana Ivanovic and Serena Williams in settings like the U.S. Open and French Open.