Review: Call of Duty – Black Ops


If there’s one thing Call of Duty: Black Ops keeps trying to tell me, I think it’s this: War is awesome.

Real war, of course, is far from that, but Treyarch’s latest work isn’t interested in painting any solemn pictures of the realities of battle. Instead, it uses American war history as the canvas for a wild experience that warms itself in the fires of explosive action-movie theatrics.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Trailer

As promised, the new trailer for Treyarch’s take on the Call of Duty series slated for release in November this year is out in the wild. It drops quite a few hints as to what might be going on, such as that it could be taking place during Cold War.

And don’t forget to catch what looks like a flight suit for the SR-71 Blackbird which appears towards the end. I thought it looked like a Mercury space suit, but if it’s a hint that there’s going to be some kind of mini-game where you take spy shots at three times the speed of sound, I’d like to see how they pull that off.

Speculation? Well, from what we’ve heard, the game isn’t restricted only to Vietnam thanks to a leak by a UK retailer’s listing of the game mentioning Cuba and the Arctic.

Coupled with what’s seen in the trailer, I’d guess that we’re going to see the Cold War from a sort of “black ops” history lesson done FPS style, via the memories of whoever is being tortured for them by whoever is looking for whatever dirty laundry might still be relevant today.

And, being that this is Treyarch’s baby, we haven’t seen the zombies yet. But something tells me that I wouldn’t be surprised to see Soviet ones this time around.