Review: WET


WETshould be enjoyed with cold beer and leftover pizza at 3 a.m, in between the infomercials and badly dubbed kung-fu movies. It’s that kind of game.

Bethesda’s latest action shooter isn’t the first to use a gun-toting or blade-wielding blood vixen, but it might be the first to realize how much silly fun it could be. While gamers are busy ogling the outrageous magical flash and exaggerated sexiness of an upcoming game like Bayonetta, the people at Artificial Mind and Movement hearken back to a simpler time, when bullets, blood and bad guys being killed in vicious fashion were more than enough. That was the “grindhouse” style of doing things, usually with an extreme hero leading the way.
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Guns, a sword, and Eliza Dushku.


I was digging through my vacation-packed e-mail and found the announcement from Bethesda Softworks about their plans to publish the action game WET for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The game is being developed by Artificial Mind and Movement (A2M).

The game’s heroine is Rubi Malone, a super-assassin who rocks twin pistols and a samurai sword — kind of a cross between The Bride from Kill Bill and Inspector Tequila from Stranglehold.That’s kind of the impression I’m getting from the game in general, judging from the trailers and shots full of bullet-time and blood. The skeptical part of me wants to just pull out Stranglehold and call it a day, but we’ll see.

The Malone character’s voice is handled by Eliza Dushku, the star of “Dollhouse” on Sci-Fi. The game is slated for a fall release. Oh, and please be mindful of the trailer — you’ve got tons of blood and a 12-letter word at the end. Consider yourself warned.