Zenimax Media Absorbs iD. Megatexture Mods Imminent?

Zenimax Media has apparently caught every other publisher by surprise in acquiring iD Software, placing the legendary developer underneath the same roof as Bethesda according to this press release. It was only four years earlier that Activision had made a quiet bid to acquire the developer or its IPs only to be turned down.

For those of you that have no idea who Zenimax is, you aren’t the first, but they have an impressive roster of who’s who in Hollywood on their Board such as Jerry Bruckheimer and they’ve been Bethesda’s home for nearly more than a decade. They just seem to let their developers do most of the talking.

So does this mean that the next Elder Scrolls will have Hell-borne wickedness oozing out of every megatextured portal? Probably not. Does it mean that John Carmack’s programming wizardry might find its way into projects elsewhere within the Zenimax empire? That’s more likely.
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