Germania Corp. picks new president

Realty, advising firm picks president

Matt Wrye, Staff Writer

As Germania Corp. stays on the prowl for business opportunities stemming from the Inland Empire’s growth, it announced Friday the promotion of Kevin Wolf to president of the 44-year-old Riverside-based real-estate and consulting company.

Wolf said the company has “made some acquisitions” in San Bernardino County but wouldn’t elaborate.

“They’re related to our core business,” he said.

Germania does consulting for several cities and companies, including KB Home, oil exploration giant British Petroleum and Walmart.

The company is tapped for advice on transportation and infrastructure issues in San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

A current project is consulting for General Electric Co.’s 800-plus megawatt gas turbine project in Romoland.

Germania also added three movers and shakers to its staff:

Eric Haley, former executive director of the Riverside County Transportation Commission.

Gwenn Norton-Perry, longtime councilwoman and four-term mayor of Chino Hills.

Steve PonTell, president of nonprofit think tank La Jolla Institute in Upland.

Wolf is replacing his father, Robert, as president.

But Robert will still work for Germania as president emeritus. He is a former California undersecretary of business, transportation and housing who once was chairman of the California Transportation Commission.

Besides working with developers, Germania develops commercial and industrial projects for its own portfolio.

“We diversified our client base a while ago because of the housing downturn,” Wolf said. “We had an intuitive feeling that it was time to do that. That comes with age and exposure.”

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