I.E. Longs Drugs stores to become CVS Pharmacy branches

     Almost 30 Longs Drugs stores do business in the Inland Empire, but starting next year, new signs will be posted above those locations.
     CVS Caremark Corp. (NYSE: CVS), parent of CVS Pharmacy, announced Tuesday evening that it is acquiring Longs Drug Stores Inc. (NYSE: LDG) for $2.7 billion.
     Longs, a 70-year-old pharmacy chain based in Walnut Creek, was founded by brothers Joe and Tom Long.
     The merger will have a “minimal” impact on Longs locations, but store closures aren’t being fully ruled out, according to CVS spokesman Mike DeAngelis.
     “We haven’t made any final decisions regarding that,” he said.
     CVS will start converting and remolding Longs stores in early 2009.

One thought on “I.E. Longs Drugs stores to become CVS Pharmacy branches

  1. i worked for kroger pharmacy for 4 years, but has recently moved to hawaii. i went to long’s to fill my script for ambien and they made me wait at the window for 10 min, before the tech spoke or said anything to me. She tells me a bigg fat lie about DEA says the state of hawaii cannot fill control substance from inland.. What THe Fuck!!! i checked everything before DEA, FDA, and regular state regulations and nowhere on any site does it state that. Then she told me she could fill it if i saw a hawaii dr. WHAT THE FUCK! the way she acted and the lies she told was uncalled for. THIS SHOULD BE LOOKED INTO BECAUSE I KNOW CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THAT WAS NOT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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