Phoenix Motorcars testifies before energy committee

     Thad Balkman, vice president of external relations for Ontario-based Phoenix Motorcars, testified on Tuesday to the U.S. Senate Energy Committee during a hearing on the “state of electric vehicles and the prospects for wider deployment in the near future,” a news release states.

     “It helps with public awareness, showing that there are alternatives to hybrid vehicles,” said Julia Winter, director of regulatory affairs at the electric car manufacturer, during a phone interview.

     With an energy bill being debated in Congress, part of the legislation would give incentives to people who buy electric vehicles.

     Some electric vehicles, like Phoenix’s cars, can get up to 135 miles per gallon, with its battery being charged within 10 minutes.

     Balkman is a former U.S. House of Representatives Congressman from Oklahoma.

     Phoenix has 25 employees and moved to Ontario in 2006. The company’s top customers right now include San Bernardino County, Santa Monica, San Francisco-based Pacific Gas and Electric Co., NASA, and several other companies and government entities.

     Phoenix also has a waiting list of 23,000 individuals interested in their products, plus countries like Sweden, Norway and Israel.


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