OCTA lowers tolls on 91 Express Lanes

Beginning Wednesday, commuters will pay less to travel the 91 Express Lanes as the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) reduces tolls by 50 cents during numerous periods throughout the day.
The peak toll of $10 will drop to $9.50 and 13 other time slots will see adjustments as part of OCTA’s congestion management pricing policy that is in effect on the 10-mile toll road. The policy calls for dropping and raising tolls based on demand.
“Tolls need to reflect market and traffic realities. If that means toll reductions, that’s great,” OCTA Chairman Chris Norby said in a press release. “The goal is free flowing traffic at the least possible cost to commuters.”
his is the first time tolls have been lowered on the 91 Express Lanes since OCTA took ownership in 2003. Traffic volumes are monitored daily and adjusted quarterly.
The traffic reduction can be attributed to increased unemployment resulting in fewer jobs in Orange County and a struggling economy. Unemployment in the Inland Empire reached 9.2 percent in August compared to 6.4 percent a year ago. In Orange County, unemployment in August was 5.8 percent, up from 4.2 percent last year.
Toll rates will now vary depending on hour, day and direction of travel from $1.25 to $9.55.
To view the new toll schedule, go to www.octa.net/91tolls

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