ONT completes upgrades to emergency notification system

LA/Ontario International Airport’s Information Technology Section completed upgrades to its emergency call-down notification telephone system this summer, according to a press release. “The upgrades allow accurate and timely notification when an airport incident occurs. The new system also notifies more airport offices than the previous system,” the notice said.
“IT installed the $100,000 system over a two month period under schedule,” said Tom Hoffman, a communications electrician at ONT, in the statement. “We continue to play a large role in ensuring the system works efficiently.”
This system features a graphic display of the phones lines at ONT and the City of Ontario so that the Federal Aviation Administration and the airport’s fire station can confirm receipt of the notifications. The system is tested twice daily.
“IT personnel are confident in the system and have done an exceptional job making sure everyone is comfortable using it,” airport Manager Jess Romo said in the release.

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