Entertainment companies kick off new sport in San Bernardino

   RipeTV.com, owned by Hollywood-based Ripe Digital Entertainment Inc. — an extreme sports entertainment Web site for men ages 18 – 34 — is teaming with Ultimate Fighting Championship creator Art Davie to debut a new sport that recently kicked off its first competition at American Sports University in San Bernardino.

   It’s the first-ever XARM Heavyweight Tournament, which consists of 10 fighters and combines arm wrestling with contact sports like boxing and martial arts. The winner of the Heavyweight Tournament will earn the title of “XARM Heavyweight Champion,” on top of a $10,000 prize. 

   XARM is a new combat sport wholly owned by Seattle-based Piranha Entertainment LLC. Working with Davie, Piranha has set plans to develop a live sports league with multiple revenue streams for the domestic and international marketplaces.

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