Local company partners to Reforest California

   Stater Bros. Supermarkets, Coca-Cola, and California State Parks are launching Reforest California, a campaign to raise funds for reforestation and fire prevention in California State Parks hit hard by wildfires over the past six years. Cuyamaca Rancho State Park near San Diego and Chino Hills State Park in San Bernardino County will be the primary recipients of the campaign’s goal to add 1 million native trees.

   To supplement the campaign’s reforestation efforts, a fire-prevention education program will be implemented in five state parks: Cuyamaca Rancho, Chino Hills, Silverwood Lake, Mount San Jacinto and Palomar Mountain State Parks.  Shoppers at Stater Bros. supermarkets will have the opportunity to make a $1 tax-deductible donation to reforestation efforts at checkout or online at www.reforestcalifornia.com

   The campaign will run from April 8 through May 19.

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