UC Riverside professors to study social media, happiness

UC Riverside marketing professors Donna Hoffman and Tom Novak
have received a $414,000 National Science Foundation grant to study
people’s use of social media and how it affects their happiness.

“Social media” refers to myriad Internet services, including
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Yelp, in which users make connections to
friends and businesses. Many businesses use social media to market
products and services.

“With social media invading our lives, we want to know why
people are using it and implications of that, particularly with regard
to people’s well-being and psychological health,” Hoffman said in a

Hoffman and Novak are co-directors of the Sloan Center of
Internet Marketing. They plan to survey thousands of web users over two
years for the study.

6 thoughts on “UC Riverside professors to study social media, happiness

  1. Connection with each other is one thing that social media sites offers. People in nature cannot live without communication with others. I want to know how these social media affects us in good and bad ways.

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