ODW Logistics gets operating authority

ODW Logistics has obtained operating authority in California for its trucking subsidiary. the Dist-Trans Co., the company announced.

The development means that Dist-Trans drivers will be able to haul freight for West Coast customers, the company announced.

ODW Logistics has facilities in San Bernardino and Chino. The firm’s corporate headquarters is in Columbus, Ohio.

Gasoline consumption fell in October

Californians continued to consume less fuel in October, as gasoline consumption dropped 1.8 percent when compared to the same month in October 2010.

The California Board of Equalization reported that drivers consumed 1.23 billion gallons of gasoline in October.

Consumption fell as pump prices increased. One gallon of regular gasoline cost an average of $3.89 in October. That price signifies a 74 cent year-over-year increase.

Diesel consumption, however, rose in October. Diesel users purchased 226 million gallons of fuel in October. The amount signifies a year-over-year consumption increase of 4.8 percent.
A gallon of diesel fuel cost an average of $4.06 per gallon in October. That amount is 85 cents higher than the average price one year prior.

The Board of Equalization tracks consumption by analyzing gasoline tax receipts.