Board of Equalization hires new administrator

The California Board of Equalization has appointed Jaime Garza as the board’s new deputy director for external affairs.

Garza will responsible for communicating on behalf of the board to the
media and public. He is a former journalist and most recently worked as
a public information officer for the California Department of Motor

The Board of Equalization’s duties include the collection of sales and
use taxes, hearing tax appeals and administering property taxes.

Board of Equalization chairman wants to expand tax delinquency list

Jerome E. Horton, chairman of the California Board of Equalization, announced Tuesday that he is asking Gov. Jerry Brown to sign a bill that would expand the public tax delinquency list.

The list currently numbers 250 individuals or companies who owe taxes to the Board of Equalization, which collects sales and use taxes, or Franchise Tax Board, which collects income taxes.

A bill, A.B. 1424, would expand the list to 500 delinquent taxpayers and would suspend top tax debtors’ occupational, professional or driver’s licenses.

The state’s annual gap between taxes owed and those actually paid is estimated to be $6.5 billion, according to the Franchise Tax Board.