We can forgive Bartman … can you?


AP National Writer

CHICAGO — Steve Bartman, I have a confession to make. I was one of those fools who dressed as you for Halloween.

It was 2003. You’d just become infamous for deflecting that foul ball outfielder Moises Alou tried to catch in the National League championship series, the one that went so wrong for the Chicago Cubs.

My costume was a cross between you and the infamous Billy goat that supposedly started this whole Cubs curse thing back in 1945. I titled it “The Scapegoat.”

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Tony Danza coulda been a contenda


Instead, he’s hosting it.

The former club boxer who became everyone’s favorite housekeeper and Dodger Stadium “Hollywood Stars Night” injury victim has been picked by the Versus network to host its new season of “The Contender,” starting in December.

This, again, is the Mark Burnett/Sugar Ray Leonard/Sly Stallone reality show that once upon a time (2005) began on NBC, then fell into ESPN’s lap for a couple of years, then almost disappeared, then was taken by Versus.
In addition to the change in network venue, it’ll also change in location.

Burnett, working with DreamWorks Television, wants Season Four’s 12 episodes to be taped in Singapore, in a deal with that country’s board of tourism.

This season will have 16 cruiserweights from around the world, using Tommy Brooks and John Bray serving as trainers.

==More on The Contender:
==From RealityTVWorld.com (linked here)

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Your night of sports, as in ‘Sports Night,’ 10 years later


Maybe it was because the show had a laugh track. (Only for the first season).

Maybe it was the wrong perception that Josh Charles and Peter Krause tried too hard to be like Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann.

And Felicity Huffman just tried too hard.

Maybe I just didn’t give it enough of a chance. I was just in a different place then.

“Sports Night,” the Aaron Sorkin sorta-sit-com that appeared on ABC on Sept. 22, 1998, lasted for two seasons — 45 episodes — before heading into TV oblivion. ESPN “SportsCenter,” meanwhile, forged ahead with its target demo.

Sorkin had “The West Wing” up and running by then, so he was probably OK with it. But not really.

A DVD box six-disc set of the show came out in 2002 for those who missed it. But now, for those who still embrace it, the L.A.-based Shout! Factory has a 10th anniversary boxed edition (linked here) — eight discs and a 32-page book, plus commentary from Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme.. Best is a segment called “Face Off: ESPN’s SportsCenter vs. CSC’s Sports Night” where current and former “SportsCenter” anchors give their two cents.
It’s all for just $69.99.

The set is released today, so we thought we’d do a quick email Q-and-A with Josh Malina (his IMDB home link), who played associate producer Jeremy Goodwin and may have stole the series with his first appearance on the pilot episode here:

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College football TV Week 6: Who’s No. 1 again?

Oooooooooooooh, right. It’s Ooooooooooooo-klahoma, where Hugh Jackman knows enough to sing its praises.
Oh, what a beautiful morning it will be for some to see the Sooners play at 9:30 a.m. Saturday.
Everything’s going their way, after all the upsets last week.
Enjoy the stay. Not like Baylor (even in Wacko Waco) will make it a short one. The Oklahoma schedule (linked here) includes the big one against Texas in Dallas the next week.
Until then:


=5 p.m., Channel 7: Oregon at USC (with Mark Jones, Bob Davie and Todd Harris)
=7:15 p.m., FSN Prime Ticket: Washington State at UCLA (with Bill Macdonald, James Washington, Jackie Pinkering and Dain Blanton) (repeated at 11:15 p.m.)

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L.A. vs. Chi-Town: Our tale of the tape


It’s Carl Sandberg versus “Beverly Hills, 90210” for intellectual entertainment.
White Castle against Tommy’s and In-n-Out as the fast-food burger delicacy.
The Sears Tower next to Randy’s Donuts as an architectural marvel.
Al Capone face-to-face with Snoop Dogg in the gansta superstar world.
Before Greg Maddox gets confused as which to dugout he’s supposed to go for Game 1 on Wednesday, here’s our tale of the tape, L.A. vs. Chicago and Dodgers vs. Cubs:

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