Media preview for Friday: Professional pigskin, reveal yourself


Before we launch into Friday’s media column, which will focus on Al Michaels’ and John Madden’s thoughts about how long it’ll be before there’s another NFL team in L.A., tonight’s Giants-Redskins contest on NBC (KNBC Channel 4, 4 p.m.) will test out the network’s new system for the its simulcast coverage at both its website and that of the league — (linked here) and (linked here).
It’ll bring a new dimension to the network coverage. Extra features such as additional camera angles, live stats and updates from the sidelines that don’t get into the TV broadcast are available.
“The intent going in would be to have the type of reports that we would do on television, but due to the circumstances in the game, we would be able to get the information online taking into consideration that people watch games differently now than they did before,” said sideline reporter Andrea Kremer.
Producer Fred Gaudelli explains that: “Everything gets watched a little bit differently now than they did five years ago, let alone 20 years ago. This is just the next step.”

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