Oh, Brett …


Think of this while you’re watching Brett Favre scramble around for the New York Jets (at Miami, Channel 2, 10 a.m.), the words of John Elway, who says he never had a thought of pulling an un-retirement after his days in Denver were over:

“No, no,” the former Granada Hills High standout said when he was on with Andrew Siciliano and Krystal Fernandez on Fox Sports Radio on Friday. “I knew that, once I made that decision. That’s why I always tried to keep it to myself. Because I didn’t want to go back on my word once I was committed one way or the other. Once I said it was time to move on… you know you always look back and you always think in the back of your mind, did you do the right thing? But I never, ever, ever made a thought that I would ever go back and really, actually un-retire, even though it’s always in the back of your mind.”

As for whether Favre will regret it: “I think he is because he’s not in Green Bay,” Elway said. “I think that he’s obviously getting to play, which he wanted to do, but I think it’s a totally different situation for him. I think that he’s probably realizing that he had a pretty good set-up there in Green Bay, and he was comfortable there. He’s with a new offense and new city and new teammates, which is probably the easiest thing to get by, but, I just think that he’s probably really regretting the fact that he’s not still in Green Bay.”

==Now, compare that with the latest story in Onion Sports (linked here) that has the headline:
Brett Favre Getting That Retirement Itch Again

“I always told myself I’d know when it was time to walk away,” the guaranteed first-ballot Hall of Famer told reporters at the Jets practice facility. “But after 17 or 18, you know, practices as the quarterback of this team, I’m just tired, mentally and physically.”

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