‘Inside the NFL’ Cassel talk update


Earlier today, we had a note (linked here) about what Phil Simms hinted that he wanted to say about the changing of the guard with the New England Patroits — Matt Cassel replacing Tom Brady at quarterback — on today’s premiere edition of “Inside the NFL” for Showtime

The show has already been taped this morning in Laurel, N.J., but before it airs (on tape) at 9 p.m., here’s how the conversation went on the set:


“We know the offense is not going to be the same. I think everybody agrees on that. You lose, arguably, the best player in the league, it’s going to change things. But I say this, when you’re a quarterback at the college or pro level, you need an opportunity. You need it to fall your way some times. Think of Matt Cassel. He was at USC. Matt Leinart wins the job from him. If he wins that job, goes on and has a good career at USC…he would’ve been a high first-round draft pick. So, it didn’t work there. But can he overcome the toughest thing of all for a quarterback, lack of experience. If he can settle in, I believe he can get a chance.”

==Cris Collinsworth:


“And if I had muscles I could be Mr. Universe. The last game that Matt Cassel played quarterback in as a starter was in high school (Calabasas High). Now, I’m not saying that he may not be a star some day and may be able to take this great Rolls Royce of a football team…and create something that works. I’ll tell you, it’s a stretch for me right now to sit and there and go, hey, the New England Patriots are going to be fine and this is going to be OK. We watched the tapes. He was OK. It wasn’t a train wreck or anything. But, he wasn’t much better than OK in that game last week.”

==Warren Sapp:

“When you’re playing for the New England Patriots and you’re the quarterback, it might be all you have to be is PK. Put the ball in the playmakers’ hands, the Faulks, the Mosses, and let them do what they do. That defense and special teams are coming to play. I guarantee you that. The difference is, just don’t wreck the Rolls Royce – just don’t wreck it.”

You want to see a Rolls Royce? Look above again. A man’s home may be his castle, but man, this is what you’re talking about entrusting to Cassel?

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