Media extra points I: More Herbie blasts


In addition to what we’ve got in today’s media column on Kirk Herbstreit (linked here):

**Links this week to:

==The NFL weekend TV schedule (linked here) and other notes (linked here) and (linked here) and even random stuff (linked here).

==The college football TV schedule (linked here), with things specific to USC-Ohio State (linked here) and (linked here) and (linked here) and (linked here) and even Gary Danielson’s biggest worries (linked here).

==Prep football media news (linked here)

==Other news of note on ESPN (linked here), Michael Phelps on SNL (linked here),John Elway’s blogging (linked here) and baseball misc. (linked here).


**A couple of final blasts from Herbstreit:

==From a story in today’s USA Today (linked here), Herbstreit says his four sons will be in attendance Saturday in full OSU regalia.

==From what he told us on the perception of the Pac-10 versus that of the Big Ten:

“Everything is cyclical. We live in a different era with the Internet and blogs and opinions are strong and out there, you hear it much more. Unfortunately, there much more from the vocal minority — the lunatic fringe I call them. Opinions fly and sometimes there’s a knee-jerk reaction to perception versus reality. In the Pac-10, everyone thought it was USC and all the rest. After a couple of weeks, you see USC is still the team, but they after two weeks, I think Cal is legit. They got rid of some of the egomaniacs over the last couple of years and got back to basics and they’re dangerous. I didn’t expect Oregon to have much offensive firepower without a quarterback who couldn’t run or throw. I want to see Harper develope now. Arizona State, you know what you’re going to get and I still want to see how they do when Georgia comes to play them. The surprise is Arizona with Mike Stoops feeling the heat. UCLA can beat BYU on Saturday and, if they do, throw them into it, and now you’ve got five teams battling to get up there with USC. It’ll be a fun run in the Pac-10.
“The Big Ten is a better conference than people are willing to give them credit for. In recent years, look at it objectively, Ohio State and Penn State and Wisconsin and Illinois can win. And then there’s Michigan State and Iowa and Michigan probably coming down a noatch. Northwestern is maybe another team. But the Big Ten has depth. The Pac-10 is probably heaver at the top.
“What separates the Pac-10 from the Big Ten is offensive skill — the quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs. It seems like some of the kids are coming out of the womb ready to throw.”

==And what he says happens to the team in this game that loses:

“I think when you talk to players, these are the games that attract them to a program — a team willing to play anywhere, any time. I understand budgets and the agendas of the athletic directors and coaches trying to be bowl eligible, but the player’s agenda is to play in these kind of games. It’s easy for a kid to be motivated to be in the weight room in the summer knowing there’s a game on the schedule like this so early.
“If it’s a blowout, it’s back to the drawing board for the losing team. Ohio State definitely has more at stake. They’ve really invested, after the last couple of years, in putting a lot into this game. There are a lot of NFL players on these teams, and if you lose, you find out what kind of character they’re made of. If Ohio State loses, they put the dreams aside and have the goal of winning the Big Ten. USC has been on a roll since 2002 and it’s been a rarity to lose any games, even early. They’ve had so much success that if they lose, the have to buy into the fact that they go to Oregon State and try to win their seventh straight Pac-10 championships. They have an easier time put a loss to the side.”

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