The Griese fumble


A note from today’s L.A. Times “Morning Briefing” (linked here):

Auto pilot

Asked how quarterback Bob Griese had performed in leading Tampa Bay over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, Buccaneers Coach Jon Gruden said only, “He managed the game.”

Commented the Orlando Sentinel’s Mike Bianchi: “That’s coachspeak for, ‘He’s about as exciting as a white Buick LeSabre, but he didn’t mess up too much.’ “

Now, anyone wondering where Bob Griese was on Saturday, the day before his son, Brian, started at QB for the Bucs, would have known having seen this video clip of him, doing the broadcast of the Oregon-Purdue game for ABC, but asked to wave the flag of his alma mater before the start of the fourth quarter to rile the fans up:

As the blogsite notes (linked here):

Of course, while it is tremendously egregious to let your color guy wave one team’s flag from the announcing booth as he screams to crowd is problematic, Griese’s rampant homerism isn’t the biggest issue here; playing “Shout” to get your crowd pumped up before the fourth quarter is. How on earth can you possibly not expect to cough up a 14 point lead with that sort of business happening? Oh, and in good news, Purdue lost in overtime.

As for the Times’ mistaque mikstae incorrect information on which Griese was actually playing for TB, you can always fix the online version. We’ll see how long that takes.

UPDATE: As of Wednesday AM, it had been updated. That’s the beauty of this Internet machine.

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