Coming Friday: The Cohn-Head Experience

We spent a little time this week trying to get inside the head of ESPN anchor Linda Cohn while she was being wisked around town doing interviews for her new autobiography. Let’s put it this way: The book is a very insightful look into a woman’s view of a male-dominated TV sports world, but it goes into some directions you’d never expect. Brutally honest. Here’s a review, in fact, that USA Today did on it back in July when it got an advanced copy (linked here). The book wasn’t released until last week.


One of Cohn’s tour stops (during a vacation from ESPN) was in New York that included a “date” — maybe more of a playdate — with editor A.J. Daulerio. She can laugh about it. Daulerio can too, for different reasons.

The before-the-date link Daulerio filed on Sept. 10: (linked here)

A report on how the date went on Sept. 11 (linked here) with an editor’s warning: Daulerio didn’t end the night pretty.

How did we fare from our encounter? We forgot to bring flowers, for one thing. Having known Linda for at least 10 years — going back to a story we did on what it was like for a working mom to work in the sports TV business for a Mother’s Day piece long, long ago — she seemed OK with that. We met up at a Beverly Hills hotel and, I can honestly say, nothing bad happened to either of us.

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