The Alou Brothers had the idea first


So apparently them bad-a** Jonas Brothers were over at a local Big 5 Sporting Good store stocking up on baseball stuff because they had rented out Dodger Stadium the other night (at more than $30,000) so they could have a pick-up baseball game.

Kids have too much loose pocket change these days?

E! News had the “exclusive” news (linked here) late last week and shared with the nation that the boy band was celebrating the youngest (Nick) brother’s 16th birthday from 10 p.m. to about 12:30 a.m. on Thursday night.

When syndicated radio show host Dan Patrick reviewed the news of the game on today’s show (6-to-9 a.m., KLAC-AM 570), he added: “Could you check — did Darren Dreifort or Chan Ho Park pick up the win?”

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