Colin’s Love Connection


Colin Cowherd had “an epiphany last night,” he said during his ESPN Radio show this morning.

While he was in the company of “three beautiful women,” the sports-talk show host was being asked for his advice on relationships. He obliged. They “were fascinated” by what he had to say.

So, being the deep thinker that he is, he thought some more about it.

“I’m going to talk to my agent today to see about starting up a relationship talk show,” Cowherd proclaimed.


Cowherd said he basically really already does a relationship show, if you look it the right way. He talks to guys who have a relationship with sports, but also have a life outside of it.

“You trust my opinions,” he said. “So I can just do a relationship show for women the same way. There’s gotta be a demo(graphic) for this.”

His idea is to get callers from a “cool” city like New York or L.A., from women who have intelligence and really want smart answers. ‘Cause that’s what he’ll give ’em.

He admits he’s no doctor, but has an ex-wife, a daughter and a lot of female friends. Plus, as a single guy in his 40s, he also has no agenda — very important for a male giving a female advice.

Meaning, he’s content being a single male in his 40s?

Cowherd then took a call from a female listener who supported his idea. So did another male caller. Soon, Cowherd’s female producer was pretending to be a caller to his “new” show, and asked a test question: “My husband doesn’t make me feel special. I need more attention from him.”

Cowherd’s immediate advice: “Give him a gun and tell him to shoot himself.”

Man, did that sound like Tom Leykis.

Stay tuned. Considering Cowherd’s ego and his apparent juice to get something like this show on the air — especially competing with ESPN Radio — It could get on the rails sooner than you think.

If Lucy Van Pelt can do it for a nickle, why can’t someone on the same network as Scott Van Pelt make it happen?

If Petros Papadakis can do a weekly segment called “Lance Romance” on his KLAC show, why can’t Cowherd dance by the seat of his pants on this?

If Roger “Blind Date” Lodge can hold down a morning show on KLAA, why shouldn’t Cowherd go blindly in to this genre?

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