Dodgers are the Darling choice … perhaps


Ron Darling, the Mets’ TV analyst who’ll be working for TBS this postseason, had this to say about the Dodgers’ chances, and reviewing the Dodgers’ season, on a conference call with reporters this morning:

“I’ve known Joe Torre a long time, and if you remember, they made that trip to China and half the team went and half the team didn’t. In speaking with Joe, he said the most difficult part for him in the first half was trying to evaluate who could play and who couldn’t play. A lot of that advice came from his coaches, but until he saw them firsthand he (wasn’t) able to evaluate and figure out who fit where on that team. And of course, getting (Manny) Ramirez, a motivated Ramirez, is about as good as you can get. He’s made a huge difference for that team.
“Yes, they have a record that is barely above .500, but I don’t think you’ve heard anyone who knows the game say that they are going to be an easy team because of their record. If anyone takes the Dodgers lightly they are going to be in trouble.”

A team like the Mets could take the Dodgers lightly, if they meet in the post-season. But then, the Mets would have to get there first to take anyone lightly.

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