‘Lights,’ DirecTV … action


Just a reminder:

The new season of the drama series “Friday Night Lights,” begins on DirecTV Channel 101 on Wednesday (6 p.m., 9 p.m., before it starts airing on NBC in February, ’09 (story linked here). That’s part of a deal that DirecTV did with the network to help the show with sagging ratings develope some kind of buzz before it returned to regular TV.

The season debut description off the DirecTV menu:

“After the championship loss, Coach struggles to keep his job while helping Smash recover. A new family arrives. As Principal, Tami makes some tough decisions. Tensions rise between Lyla and Riggins. Billy proposes. Will Tyra make it to college?”

Jeez, that’s all the storylines they can squeeze into a one-hour show?

Whatever happens, the editors of The Big Lead don’t want to hear about it (linked here). Although, with a show that has some connection to E. Buzz Bissinger, we’re not sure we’re so keen on keeping up with it any longer, even with DTV access.

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