Torre’s stories, blogger friendly


We gotta assume it’s Dodgers manager Joe Torre who has time to crank out a blog, even for a sponsor who has put him in those comical commercials showing him adjusting to L.A. life by pounding down wheatgrass drinks, learning to surf and yoga, and strutting around town with a pocket poodle in his arms.

We found a link to what’s being sold as a Torre blog (linked here), which comes off the page, but also off a sponsored link to the car insurance company (linked here), where you can also see extended clips from the TV spots that have been running all year (one, for example, that hasn’t been seen is Torre getting out of his car to an army of paparazzi, only to find out they weren’t interested in him but some Lohan-like character who ducks into a restaurant).

There are only eight entries on the blog so far, which appears to have started when he had some free time about a month ago. That first one included this paragraph:

I’ll be figuring out this blogging thing since I’m a little behind the times. For example, I saw one of those little candy Valentine’s hearts printed with “LOL” and thought it was a typo right up until I started reading about blogs and Web acronyms. I mean, WTF(udge), right?

Yeah, right. Fudge.

An excerpt from Torre’s latest blog entry (posted today — why wasn’t he watching the D’backs-Cardinals game?) on what the fans are wearing in the Dodger Stadium stands:


I was hanging out at the stadium before a game last week, and I saw a fan wearing a Dodgers cap. Sounds about right, yeah? But this wasn’t just any baseball cap; the nice blue L.A. logo was stitched onto the front, but it also had the stamp of a swanky clothing brand printed all over it. I pointed this out to one of my players, and he said that hat costs more than $100. For a baseball cap. That’s not even AUTOGRAPHED.

My buddy went on to tell me that one of the big sports brands recently came out with a baseball glove that costs several hundred dollars. This thing is made of top-notch Italian leather and is supposed to be a lot more comfortable and durable, but still, I can remember running down to the local sports-goods store in Brooklyn and picking up a perfectly good glove that’d last for years for around $15 or so.

So I’m starting to think this kind of status thing is L.A.-centric, what with Rodeo Drive and the high quantities of “beautiful people” residing here. Sure, New York has Madison Avenue and all the fashion mags, but what do New Yorkers do for four months of every year? Bundle up in huge scarves and big puffy coats, and stay indoors as much as possible, that’s what. L.A. is a fashion capital all year long.

What does this mean for me? Well, maybe nothing; after all, I clean up pretty good when I’m not in my uniform — no cut-off shorts or muscle shirts or anything. Then again, maybe you’ll spot me at a game wearing a swanky brand or an Italian leather something or other. But don’t hold your breath.

At least try on one of the Man-Ram dreadlock bandanas before heading off to San Francisco for the weekend.

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