Warmed over media I: What we learned this week

In addition to today’s column (linked here), we found out:


==The NFL’s Week 4 TV schedule (linked here), focused on San Diego-Oakland (Kiffin still around?)

==College football’s Week 5 TV schedule (linked here; sorry, it’s already outdated with the USC-Oregon State game completed, but the Saturday lineup should be helpful, since we’ve been receiving calls in the office asking why we can’t run the entire weekend TV schedule any longer — space, of course, is the reason — so we try to get this out as early as possible now, usually Tuesday)

==The MLB regular-season home stretch schedule (linked here), and why some teams are all tapped out when it comes to putting them on Fox’s regional wrap-around coverage on Saturday (USA Today story linked here).

==The WNBA’s TV plans (linked here).

==And other essential stuff, like:

=Joe Torre has a blog (linked here)

=More behind the changes at KLAC-AM (570), switching out Joe McDonnell for Tony Bruno (linked here, and here, and here)

=How Dick Enberg remembers Lyman Bostock (linked here)

=The clip surfaces of Al Michaels on “Hawaii Five-O” back in 1970 (linked here)

=Why we like Pat Jordan’s new “best of” book (linked here)

=Why the Dodgers could be a (Ron) Darling pick for the playoffs (linked here)

=How ESPN decided to throw a giant college basketball marathon party in mid-November, but didn’t find any Southern California teams worthy of inviting (linked here)

=Where to find “Friday Night Lights” this season (hint, not on Fridays, nor on NBC) (linked here)

=What Colin Cowherd and Lucy Van Pelt could have in common (linked here)

=The Cowboys-Packers’ grip over the Emmys on a national basis (but not in L.A.) last Sunday (linked here)

=And why the media is still infatuated with Fred Merkel’s Boner 100 years later (linked here).


==Plus, we checked in on:

=Why the Raiders still hate anyone who goes against their “Committment to Excellence” mantra, even if they don’t any longer (a link to the San Jose Mercury News’ Tim Kawakami’s confrontation explanation, along with video).

=Will Ferrell (“Talladega Nights,” “Blades of Glory,” “Semi-Pro” … what are we missing) says he’s done doing sports movies (USA Today story linked here). “I’m retired from sports-genre films. You know, I think I filled my quota,” Ferrell said.

=How NBA broadcasters are being schooled by referees about what really happens in a game (New York Times story linked here).

=Does the Chicago media contribute to the idea that Cubs’ fans need to get hammered after a big victory? Or an upcoming playoff game? (story linked here). It’s in response to a Chicago city edict that bars not serve after the seventh inning any more, to keep fans from getting to stupid (story linked here).

=Former ABC “Monday Night Football” crash-n-burn sideliner Lisa Guerrero wants to blog about stuff like … her appreciation of big butts (SportsByBrooks entry linked here).

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