The Best Damn MLB Network: Oh, it’s comin’


The 24/7 MLB Network, scheduled to launch on Jan. 1, 2009 in about 50 million homes — will yours be one of ’em? — with live games, original programming, highlights, classic games and a bunch of other … stuff it hasn’t figured out yet … has at least brought on some people who know what they’re doing.
In addition to former CBS exec Tony Petitti running the show, the MLB Net announced today that former Fox Sports Net executive producer John Entz and former NFL Network director of program planning Andy Butters have come aboard to make your stay more pleasurable.
Entz will be “responsible for overseeing the look and presentation” of the studio and game coverage. He most recently did the MLB All-Star Game red carpet show (oooooh) and the BCS pregame specials (aaaaaah) at Fox, and — this is the clincher — was the head guy at “Best Damn Sports Show Period” (eeeeeeechhh).

Best Damn MLB Network. We smell a new slogan.

Butters will be responsible for “developing the network’s on air program schedule.” Sorry, there’s nothing really special in putting that description in quotes. Just wanted to be consistent. Butters was at NFL Net since 2006, and also worked for 16 years at ESPN.

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