Tony Danza coulda been a contenda


Instead, he’s hosting it.

The former club boxer who became everyone’s favorite housekeeper and Dodger Stadium “Hollywood Stars Night” injury victim has been picked by the Versus network to host its new season of “The Contender,” starting in December.

This, again, is the Mark Burnett/Sugar Ray Leonard/Sly Stallone reality show that once upon a time (2005) began on NBC, then fell into ESPN’s lap for a couple of years, then almost disappeared, then was taken by Versus.
In addition to the change in network venue, it’ll also change in location.

Burnett, working with DreamWorks Television, wants Season Four’s 12 episodes to be taped in Singapore, in a deal with that country’s board of tourism.

This season will have 16 cruiserweights from around the world, using Tommy Brooks and John Bray serving as trainers.

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