Warmed over media II: Spinning ahead

We’ve got these notes that stayed in the dolphin-safe media net and wanted to swim free (again, after trying to figure out why the networks who pay MLB rights fees decided to ignore the Tampa Bay Rays this season, in a column linked here):


==NBC, fresh off the Ryder Cup coverage, has eight hours from the season-ending PGA Tour event, the Tour Championship in Atlanta (Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.). As you may already know, Vijay Singh has clinched the trophy and the first place prize of $10 million. So how did Vijay do in the Ryder Cup? Must have missed his matches.
Ten members of the victorious U.S. Ryder Cup team made this 30-player field: Anthony Kim, Phil Mickelson, Chad Campbell, Justin Leonard, Hunter Mahan, Stewart Cink, Kenny Perry, Steve Stricker, Ben Curtis and Jim Furyk. And Kim has a ridiculous four-stroke lead after the first round.
NBC broadcaster Dan Hicks had this quip about Kim, who grew up in Studio City: “There are players who are great players and there are players who are great and entertaining and Anthony Kim has that quality. He has charisma and the game to go with it. He has that Tiger thing going where you can’t wait to see what he’s going to do next.”

==FSN West has blocked out two hours to present taped coverage of last week’s AVP Manhattan Beach Open, starting Saturday with the men’s final (10 a.m.) and women’s final (11 a.m.). The tape-delayed coverage of the women’s finals that aired on Fox (KTTV Channel 11) on Sunday before its NFL coverage (or after the NFL game in some markets) did a 1.0 rating and 2 share.

==CBS college football analyst Gary Danielson, whose entire schedule of games this season will be SEC teams, including Saturday’s Tennessee-Auburn contest (12:30 p.m., Channel 2), says this about the conference (provided by a CBS press release): “Last week, of the top three games, five SEC teams were involved and they unbelievably exceeded expectations. Tennessee had a rough one, but the other four teams, Florida, Georgia, LSU and Auburn, really put on a show. They again solidified to the nation that when it comes to college football in 2008, nobody can match up with this conference.”
They left out the exclamation point.

==SCVTV in Santa Clarita will do the Alemany-Saugus contest tonight at 11 p.m. with Dave Caldwell and Tony Moskal.

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Warmed over media I: What we learned this week

In addition to today’s column (linked here), we found out:


==The NFL’s Week 4 TV schedule (linked here), focused on San Diego-Oakland (Kiffin still around?)

==College football’s Week 5 TV schedule (linked here; sorry, it’s already outdated with the USC-Oregon State game completed, but the Saturday lineup should be helpful, since we’ve been receiving calls in the office asking why we can’t run the entire weekend TV schedule any longer — space, of course, is the reason — so we try to get this out as early as possible now, usually Tuesday)

==The MLB regular-season home stretch schedule (linked here), and why some teams are all tapped out when it comes to putting them on Fox’s regional wrap-around coverage on Saturday (USA Today story linked here).

==The WNBA’s TV plans (linked here).

==And other essential stuff, like:

=Joe Torre has a blog (linked here)

=More behind the changes at KLAC-AM (570), switching out Joe McDonnell for Tony Bruno (linked here, and here, and here)

=How Dick Enberg remembers Lyman Bostock (linked here)

=The clip surfaces of Al Michaels on “Hawaii Five-O” back in 1970 (linked here)

=Why we like Pat Jordan’s new “best of” book (linked here)

=Why the Dodgers could be a (Ron) Darling pick for the playoffs (linked here)

=How ESPN decided to throw a giant college basketball marathon party in mid-November, but didn’t find any Southern California teams worthy of inviting (linked here)

=Where to find “Friday Night Lights” this season (hint, not on Fridays, nor on NBC) (linked here)

=What Colin Cowherd and Lucy Van Pelt could have in common (linked here)

=The Cowboys-Packers’ grip over the Emmys on a national basis (but not in L.A.) last Sunday (linked here)

=And why the media is still infatuated with Fred Merkel’s Boner 100 years later (linked here).


==Plus, we checked in on:

=Why the Raiders still hate anyone who goes against their “Committment to Excellence” mantra, even if they don’t any longer (a link to the San Jose Mercury News’ Tim Kawakami’s confrontation explanation, along with video).

=Will Ferrell (“Talladega Nights,” “Blades of Glory,” “Semi-Pro” … what are we missing) says he’s done doing sports movies (USA Today story linked here). “I’m retired from sports-genre films. You know, I think I filled my quota,” Ferrell said.

=How NBA broadcasters are being schooled by referees about what really happens in a game (New York Times story linked here).

=Does the Chicago media contribute to the idea that Cubs’ fans need to get hammered after a big victory? Or an upcoming playoff game? (story linked here). It’s in response to a Chicago city edict that bars not serve after the seventh inning any more, to keep fans from getting to stupid (story linked here).

=Former ABC “Monday Night Football” crash-n-burn sideliner Lisa Guerrero wants to blog about stuff like … her appreciation of big butts (SportsByBrooks entry linked here).

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‘Lights,’ DirecTV … action


Just a reminder:

The new season of the drama series “Friday Night Lights,” begins on DirecTV Channel 101 on Wednesday (6 p.m., 9 p.m., before it starts airing on NBC in February, ’09 (story linked here). That’s part of a deal that DirecTV did with the network to help the show with sagging ratings develope some kind of buzz before it returned to regular TV.

The season debut description off the DirecTV menu:

“After the championship loss, Coach struggles to keep his job while helping Smash recover. A new family arrives. As Principal, Tami makes some tough decisions. Tensions rise between Lyla and Riggins. Billy proposes. Will Tyra make it to college?”

Jeez, that’s all the storylines they can squeeze into a one-hour show?

Whatever happens, the editors of The Big Lead don’t want to hear about it (linked here). Although, with a show that has some connection to E. Buzz Bissinger, we’re not sure we’re so keen on keeping up with it any longer, even with DTV access.

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Dodgers are the Darling choice … perhaps


Ron Darling, the Mets’ TV analyst who’ll be working for TBS this postseason, had this to say about the Dodgers’ chances, and reviewing the Dodgers’ season, on a conference call with reporters this morning:

“I’ve known Joe Torre a long time, and if you remember, they made that trip to China and half the team went and half the team didn’t. In speaking with Joe, he said the most difficult part for him in the first half was trying to evaluate who could play and who couldn’t play. A lot of that advice came from his coaches, but until he saw them firsthand he (wasn’t) able to evaluate and figure out who fit where on that team. And of course, getting (Manny) Ramirez, a motivated Ramirez, is about as good as you can get. He’s made a huge difference for that team.
“Yes, they have a record that is barely above .500, but I don’t think you’ve heard anyone who knows the game say that they are going to be an easy team because of their record. If anyone takes the Dodgers lightly they are going to be in trouble.”

A team like the Mets could take the Dodgers lightly, if they meet in the post-season. But then, the Mets would have to get there first to take anyone lightly.

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Clausen’s golden locks no more under his golden dome


All it apparently took was an embarassing 23-7 loss to Michigan State last week for Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen to decided that it was enough with the long hair.
The former Oaks Christian High star was flagged for clipping this week.
On the Notre Dame official site, Clausen, the former Oaks Christian High star, explains why he decided to do it (linked here):

“I cut it off, as you can see. I don’t know why I really did it. But one of the things I said was, I’ve been growing it out for a long time, I said if we lost, once we lost, I’d cut it off. Had to cut it off. … It was getting old, so… “

Meanwhile, NBC’s Notre Dame analyst Pat Haden, said it about the Irish’s game coming up against Purdue (Saturday, Channel 4, 11:30 a.m.): “Jimmy Clausen is clearly playing better than a year ago. He is stronger and much more confident, and has found a big time threat in Golden Tate.”

Golden Tate may still be golden. But not Clausen’s hair.

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