“Jim Rome Is Blooming”


That’s not a new show for the Oxygen Channel.

It’s Frank Caliendo, Season 2 of “Frank TV” that comes out on TBS later this month — don’t worry, the network will promote the heck out of it starting today with the MLB playoffs.

The “NFL on Fox” funny man has a few clips released by the network of some of the stuff he’ll be doing on the series (debuts Oct. 27, 11 p.m.).
Among them:

== “Jim Rome Is Blooming,” advertised as a show a guy can watch with his wife, comparing Martha Stewart to Rachel Ray, etc. — Get it, it’s like Jim Rome’s ESPN show, “Jim Rome Is Bur…” never mind. (linked here, a Windows Media Player wmv clip).


== In a reality series called “The Quarterback” (like “The Bachelor”), John Madden looks for a new love after Bret Favre announced his retirement (obviously conceived before Farve came back, but they pull it off anyway because Madden “is moving on”) (linked here, wmv clip).

==Caliendo, as Charles Barkley, hosting a political talk show with Shaquille O’Neal (“Chuck ‘N’ Shaq) on the latest sports channel, ESPN Political. First guest: Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. (linked here, wmv clip)

==And cartoon superheroes — Popeye, Batman, The Hulk, Superman and Barry Bonds — go before a congressional hearing to defend themselves against steroid allegations. “Barry Bonds says lay off Hulk,” Bonds says, in cartoon form. (linked here, wmv clip).

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