Early Oktoberfest media leftovers I: What we’ve learned


In addition to today’s media column (linked here) on Warren Sapp’s dancing between reality TV shows and NFL studio analysis, what did we have land in our computer laps from the media world this week:

==The NFL Week 5 TV schedule, which, from here on, won’t have Lane Kiffin to kick around (linked here).

==The college football Week 6 TV schedule, featuring a new No. 1. (Can you guess which team it is? Hugh Jackman knows) (linked here).

==More of TBS’ post-game MLB schedule (linked here), with Sunday’s slate still up in the air (we suspect one channel can’t handle four potential games, so one will probably be parceled out to TNT) (linked here).

==Your WNBA Finals schedule (linked here), with Game 2 tonight (but you already knew that).


==The 10th anniversary eight-disc box set of “Sports Night” is much more loaded (and expensive) than the six-disc set that came out in ’02 (linked here), which also got us looking for the box set from the old HBO show “1st & Ten” (linked here).

==Why USC radio broadcaster Pete Arbogast has decided that he’s to blame for last week’s loss at Oregon State — seriously (linked here).

==A few clips from the new season of TBS’ “Frank TV,” as it relates to Frank Caliendo’s spoofs of Jim Rome, Charles Barkley and John Madden (linked here).

==Why Tony Danza probably thinks he can both host and compete in the newest version of “The Contender” on Versus this December (linked here).

==Is the MMA in trouble with CBS — more specifically, the L.A.-based EliteXC, heading into its third Saturday night programming night? (linked here).

==How ESPN and FSN may not be reinventing the wheel, but realizing what they’ve got isn’t so great (linked here).

==Why the Best Damn MLB Network has a future starting Jan. 1 (linked here).

==ESPN’s “Sports Reporters” turns 20, but are you still turning it on at 6:30 a.m. every Sunday morn? (linked here) Also, a write-up about it in today’s USA Today (linked here).

==And, how KABC-AM (790) DodgerTalk co-host Ken Levine has a personal investment in the Dodgers’ new Triple-A franchise, the Albuquerque Isotopes (linked here).

==Also, the final column by the San Diego Union-Tribune’s Jerry Magee (linked here).

==Why the St. Petersburg Times can’t understand how TBS hasn’t figured out where the Tampa Bay Rays actually play (linked here).

One last thing about Sapp (with a video clip linked here):


==Athletes do well on “Dancing With the Stars,” for some reason — figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi won last year’s Season 6 (with NFLer Jason Taylor second, which got him in trouble with Dolphins coach Bill Parcells); race car driver Helio Castroneves won Season 5, speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno won Season 4, retired NFL star Emmitt Smith won Season 3, retired NFL star Jerry Rice was second in Season 2, and former boxer Laila Ali was third in Season 4.
So it’s not surprising that Sapp, as well as beach volleyball star Misty May-Treanor and sprinter Maurice Green, is among the last 11 going into next week.
Which probably poses a threat to the has-been and wanna-be stars who are on the show but see themselves having to compete against top-notch athletes who already know what goes into intensive training, eating and focus for this rather athletic marathon.
In fact, there was one lame report on the celebrity-driven TMZ (linked here) that Sapp and his “man-diva attitude are causing problems behind the scenes,” where he “yells at people and consistently walks out of rehearsals with partner Kym Johnson.” That was followed up with one of them even lamer “catch him as he comes out of the restaurant” interviews (linked here).
Who are you gonna believe, Sapp, or some publicist for (fill in the young kid who will be voted off ths week)?

==More on Sapp’s performance last week from TheSportsHernia.com (linked here)

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