Early Oktoberfest media notes II: Looking forward

More media stuff to look forward to:

==What’s KSPN-AM (710), the ESPN Radio affiliate in L.A., going to do with Bob Koontz leaving as the GM and VP? He emailed a brief explanation of what he thought he’d accomplished since helping launch the all-sports format in late 2000:

“It has been a crazy time here…..lots to be proud…
“It was really only the last couple of years that we were allowed to staff up. When it was announced Disney was selling the ABC stations and retaining ESPN and Radio Disney stations, we had no infrastructure besides the on-air staff. We had maybe four other full-time employees. We had always shared duties with KLOS-FM.
“I think the really game changer for KSPN was when John Davison and myself convinced ABC management to let us swap signals with Radio Disney. That 1110 signal just does not have the coverage that 710 has. The first two years on 1110, we never showed up in the ratings. Flip to 710, add the Angels, and we never missed a book again.”

==This is the first look at a new online sit-com that ESPN’s Kenny Mayne will star in and include his producer, cameraman, production assistant, network exec (all played by actors), plus other ESPN real folk like Scott Van Pelt, Neil Everett and others who happen to get roped in:

The show, called “Mayne Street,” debuts on Nov. 11.

==The Lakers’ first exhibition game, probably Kobe-less, goes to KCAL-Channel 9 and KLAC-AM (570) on Tuesday at 7 p.m. vs. Utah from the Honda Center in Anaheim, followed by a contest against the Clippers in Fresno on Thursday (Channel 9, 570-AM, 7 p.m.)

==NBC has the LPGA Tour, the 20-player field Samsung World Championship from Half Moon Bay, on Saturday (9:30 to 11:30 a.m.) and Sunday (1 to 3 p.m.), with Dan Hicks, Dottie Pepper, Mark Rolfing, Jane Crafter and Kay Cockerill.

==NBC also takes on CORR racing from Chula Vista (Sunday, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.) with
Bill Weber, Wally Dallenbach and pit reporters Ken Stout and Kelli Stavast.

==Headline and story from The Onion Sports this week, which should be news to Angels fans (linked here):

Stock Market Plunges Another 700 Points On Rumor Josh Beckett Isn’t 100% Healthy

BOSTON–Reacting sharply to the news that Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett may have continuing problems with a strained right oblique muscle, the Dow Jones industrial average dropped 713 points Wednesday to close at 10,180 as skittish investors reacted to reports that the ace may not start Game 3 against Anaheim.
“Trading is definitely volatile at this point, a result of Fed chair Ben Bernanke’s warning of the specter of vastly reduced liquidity and Boston manager Terry Francona’s tepid grade of Josh’s side session this morning,” Boston Globe business columnist Steven Syre reported Thursday. “That’s a loss of over a trillion dollars in value for the market and possibly a much more crucial loss for the Red Sox.”
The record plunge set a single-day mark for baseball-player-related market losses, more than doubling the 342-point loss suffered earlier this year when the pork-belly futures market collapsed at news of Prince Fielder’s newfound vegetarianism

==ESPN officially named Matthew Barnaby, a 15-year NHL veteran who retired in ’07 (played at Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, N.Y. Rangers, Colorado, Chicago and Dallas), as the new studio analyst, replacing Barry Melrose. He will make his first appearance on the Wednesday 3 p.m. “SportsCenter.”

==ESPN says that the North American Sports Network (NASN) will be re-branded ESPN America, starting Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 1, 2009. It’s the network that shows North American sports to Europe and the Middle East, a channel ESPN bought in 2007. It covers 14 million homes across 43 countries.

==FSN has the coup of the week — airing the USARPS League Championship Tournament as part of a “Best Damn Sports Show Period” special on Monday during the 9 p.m., 11 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. shows. Oh, it’s the USA Rock-Paper-Sciossors title, if the all-cap letters didn’t spell it out enough for you. It took place last June in Las Vegas.



==How much did it cost ESPN’s Chris Berman to take out color ads in USA Today (a half page) and Sports Illustrated (a full page) to congratulate himself for 30 years of NFL coverage with the all-sports network?

“Going … All … The … Way… for 30 years” is an accomplishment, all right.

And that “Swami” routine never gets old.

Glad it didn’t go unnoticed by someone who was paying attention to such things.

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