Manny Ramirez is L.A.’s biggest fat head


The company that makes bigger-than-life stickers for kids to declare their allegiance and likewise deface their walls has finally concocted one for the Dodgers’ larger-than-life left fielder.

On the Fathead website (linked here), the 7-feet-6 tall Man-Ram goes for $119.95, plus $29.95 shipping if you want it next day (who wouldn’t!) or $14.95 if you’re willing to wait until the Dodgers are eliminated from the playoffs.

By the way, it’s just a pre-order thing now. It won’t ship until Oct. 13 — this coming Monday.

If you’re keeping track of such things, Ramirez is bigger than the Angels’ Vlad Guerrero Fathead (at 6-foot-7, for $99.95, linked here).

He’s also bigger than the new No. 24 Kobe Bryant Fathead (just 6-foot-4 tall, for $99.95, linked here) or the old No. 8 Kobe (linked here, same height).

The Galaxy’s David Beckham (6-feet, $99.95, linked here) doesn’t stand a chance.

Even more insulting (to him), teammate Landon Donovan’s Fathead is listed at just 70 inches — you do the proportional calculus (at $99.95, linked here).

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