The media learning curve: Oct. 11-17


Following up on today’s media notes column (linked here) that involved the MLB playoffs, Barack Obama’s clout in pushing back the start of World Series Game 6 (Fox, by the way, says the $1 mil they’ll get for airing that half-hour infomercial is a wash, compared to all the ad time they’d have sold for a 20-minute pregame show) and John Madden parking the bus for a couple of weeks, we learned this week that:

==The L.A. college football TV schedule for Week 8 is really busy Saturday at about 1 p.m. (linked here).

==The L.A. NFL TV schedule for Week 7 won’t include the Dallas Cowboys — because they might lose again? To the Rams? (linked here).

==Fox’s coverage of the NLCS had some dandy camera work (linked here)

==Citizens of Sylmar are now safe that TNT’s Charles Barkley has come and gone (linked here).

==Someone’s Top 15 sports blog sites includes ones we actually have on our list, on that pulldown menu from that giant gold star (linked here).

==A measure of how Kings fans were overwhelming frosty on the “Rinkside View” that FSN West offered ealier this week in a game against the Ducks — mostly because it was used as the main feed instead of an alternative viewing option (go to this link at the Daily News Kings blog, and also read comments, linked here).

==Bob Costas stands behind his involvment, and the Hollywood dramatic license, taken by “The Express” (linked here).

==We lost an L.A. sportscasting legend when Gil Stratton passed away in Toluca Lake on Saturday (linked here). Also watch thetouching piece that MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann did on Stratton (linked here).

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