The media learning curve archs ahead: What’s up for Midnight Madness, Doc Andrews and the Dancing Raider

Following up on today’s media notes column (linked here), more notes that were just too … unimportant? … for the print edition:


==ESPNU has four hours of Midnight Madness coverage beginning at 6 p.m. tonight, whipping around from Georgetown, Kansas, Davidson, Gonzaga and Indiana (the later of which former UCLA coach Steve Lavin will be stationed).

==NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is back on Sirius XM Satellite Radio with a new season. His first episode Thursday (1 p.m.) from the NHL Store in New York had Whoopi Goldberg as a guest. Wup-he.

==Bill Walton, moving from the ABC NBA pregame show to the ESPN version, will be joined by former Dallas coach Avery Johnson. TNT says it will announce next week who’ll be Magic Johnson’s replacement on its NBA studio show.

==Since Fox controls the BCS bowl games, it gets to reveal the first BCS ranking, and will do so in the post-game show at about 1 p.m., after the Giants-49ers contest. Charles Davis and Barry Switzer will hang around to throw in their two cents.

==Tuesday’s upcoming episode of HBO’s “Real Sports” (10 p.m.) includes a piece where reporter Jon Frankel visits famed sports doctor James Andrews. The doctor has a story about how his willingness to be available to his patients at all hours does have its limitations.

Frankel: “Everybody in the sports world knows how to get in touch with you, 24/7.”
Andrews: “Well, that’s true. I mean, you’ve got to be able to talk to ’em. And when’s the best time to talk to somebody? It’s when they need you and when there’s something going on.”

Frankel: “Is it true that in January of 2006, shortly after suffering a severe heart attack, that you snuck your cell phone into your room?”
Andrews: “That was my security blanket. My wife was trying to take it away from me so I hid it under my pillow. As a matter of fact that’s when I heard from Carson Palmer on Sunday afternoon. And I just had had that heart attack that morning he got his severe knee injury. They wanted to know could they send him down to Birmingham (ala.) for me to fix his knee. I was a little bit doped up so I said, ‘Well, I probably can’t do it this week. But, I can do it next week.’ I was thinking I was probably infallible at that point. Superman or something.”

To the benefit of Palmer’s knee, Andrews didn’t do the surgery.

==A Boomer said, Troy said spat that seems to be gaining steam has now made it into USA Today territory (linked here). Read it, then tell us you really have no interest in getting any farther than it’s already come.

==Jim Lampley, Larry Merchant and Emanuel Steward call Saturday’s Kelly Pavlik-Bernard Hopkins light heavyweight bout at Atlantic City, N.Y. for HBO’s pay per view (6 p.m., $49.95)

==”Black Magic,” the acclaimed documentary on the injustice characterized by the Civil Rights movement as told through the lives of basketball players and coaches who attended Historically Black Colleges and Universities, comes out on a 2-disc DVD set from ESPN Home Entertainment on Tuesday, Oct. 28 ($19.95).

==”ESPN Ringside Muhammad Ali,” a four-disc set with more than 10 hours of footage and 15 of Ali’s fights, has been released ($34.95).

==For those who haven’t been paying attention since our story on Warren Sapp juggling his duties between the NFL Network, Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” and ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” the former defensive lineman is among the eight contestants still standing (no surprise), heading into the next week of elimination. He and partner Kym Johnson were the third-highest judged (by the judges) over the last two weeks. Olympic sprinter Maurice Green remains alive, but beach volleyballer Misty May-Treaner ruptured an Achilles a week ago and had to pull out. Brooke Burke remains the favorite among the fans and judges.


=From today’s Onion Sports (linked here):

Nation’s Dads Find That Frank Caliendo Guy Pretty Funny

SHELTON, CT — According to those sitting in the same room as their fathers during MLB postseason games on TBS, the nation’s dads have been both impressed and amused by “Frank TV” promos in which comedian Frank Caliendo performs impersonations of politicians and celebrities.


“Let me tell you, he’s got George W. Bush down pretty good,” said local dad Gerry DiCenzo, 54, who smiled throughout a 30-second spot in which Caliendo sang “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” as Bush, Robert DeNiro, Dr. Phil, and John Madden.
DiCenzo emitted a contented chuckle upon the ad’s conclusion.
“I like it when he does Seinfeld, and then he walks onto the same screen and does George at the same time. It’s pretty clever.”
Despite enjoying the commercials, the nation’s dads said they have no plans to actually watch the full show once it begins airing on Oct. 21.

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