Tonight’s viewing: Wild Cow Milking seems pretty tame compared to …


On HBO’s “Real Sports,” episode No. 139 (10 p.m., with many repeats), one of the stories covered is Bernard Goldberg heading to the Angola State Prison Rodeo in Louisiana. It’s 18,000 acres in the middle of nowhere. And those incarcerated participate in this rodeo that goes back to 1964 that’s pretty insane.
Events such as “Convict Poker” — four of them sit at a card table while a raging bull is let loose. The last prisoner to run, wins. And “Wild Cow Milking” — teams of prisoners are against each other as they attempt to milk an angry cow. And “Pinball” — prisoners stand inside hoola hoops while an angry bull tries to maul them. The prisoner who stays inside the hoop the longest is the winner. And the last event, “Guts & Glory” — a $500 poker chip is tied to a bull’s head. The first prisoner to remove the chip, gets to keep the money.
And spend it where?
Why isn’t this on Spike TV?

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