The Berman Express

This, from a World Wide Leader press release today:

Major League Baseball’s World Series week is usually one of the busiest of the year for Chris Berman and this year’s “Fall Classic” is no exception. In addition to his usual NFL host duties on Sunday NFL Countdown, the Sunday night editions of SportsCenter, Monday Night Countdown and Monday Night Football halftime, Berman will first be in Tampa for Games #1 and #2 of the World Series where he will anchor ESPN’s SportsCenter coverage. In addition, Berman traveled earlier this week to Buffalo for a one-on-one interview with Bills’ quarterback Trent Edwards, who has guided Buffalo to a surprising 5-1 record and first place in the AFC East division standings. Berman’s interview with Edwards will air during Sunday NFL Countdown at 11 a.m

Also, this from a New York Times’ piece on behind the scenes at NFL Countdown that ran the other day (linked here):

Berman is the same on and off the air. He is big and boisterous, sensitive to criticism that he is too riotous and that his on-air approach needs updating. He is irked that he is not appreciated by critics the way he feels he is by fans. He says he has no plans to change.

But no one has yet to explain why he does that ultra annoying “WHOOOOOP!” when he’s voicing over NFL highlights? Seriously, when Berman does that on my TV, my dog looks at the screen, cocks her head and seems to be saying: Is that guy OK?

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