Alyssa Milano will agree to touch you at an NFL game


And hopefully, you’ll buy some of her clothing in the process.
The clothing that she’s selling, still, to make ends meet.
The Major League Baseball professional stalker (Brad Penny’s former fiance, Barry Zito’s former squeeze, Carl Pavano … girlfriend to be named later … where do we stop?) has involved herself in a contest with, tied into her line of women’s apparel, but somehow, it also involves a winner meeting her at the Dec. 7 49ers-Jets game in San Francisco.
Details: (linked here).
No print-out cease and desist orders were attached. Although, the contest rules say it’s an “opportunity” to meet her at the game. Maybe we pass on the game and just to go drinks at her hotel afterward.
OK with Tony Danza?

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    Just an opportunity to meet eh? So sounds like we wouldn’t be sitting together during the game and/or having dinner/drinks before and/or after the game. Oh well, I’ll take what I can get. She’s still a hottie after all.