The media learning curve: Looking back on Oct. 17-24


We didn’t learn much outside of today’s media column (linked here), but what we did will stick with us forever.

Such as:

==Week 8 of the L.A. NFL TV schedule diverts to England, where David Beckham may actually be at this moment, playing football (linked here). And why listening to rumors can get you into trouble (linked here).

==Week 9 of the L.A. college football TV schedule diverts away from No. 1 Texas facing No. 6 Oklahoma State, which isn’t cool if you’re a USC fan trying to find out if there’s another easy way to climb back into the BCS title race (linked here).

==This weekend’s Breeders’ Cup from Santa Anita may not have its first openly gay race horse (linked here), but the schedule is set (linked here).
And just for the heck of it: What is NBC showing on Saturday instead of the Breeders’ Cup this year?
10-to-11 a.m.: Cartoons “Turbo Dogs” and “My Friend Rabbit”
11 a.m.: Knowing your Heritage: Hispanic College Quiz Show
11:30 p.m. Foreclosed Homes Auction in your area informercial
Noon: Houses for $300 informercial
12:30 p.m.: Paid programming
1-3 p.m.: Figure skating
3 p.m.: “Extra”
4 p.m.: “Access Hollywood”

==CBS needs a new MMA partner (linked here).

==Sometimes, baseball does draw more TV viewers than football (linked here).

==A sweet Obama-McCain Fox intro for its World Series (linked here), but not a sweet national rating for Game 1 (linked here)

==More background on Ken Rosenthal’s impact on the Fox baseball coverage (linked here).

==Chris Berman is one busy dude this weekend (linked here).

==What Fox will do if there’s a power outage during its World Series coverage (linked here).

==HBO’s “Real Sports” includes prison rodeo in its jurisdiction (linked here).

==Your SI cover may say Kobe, but it really could have more (linked here).

==Why we tried again, but just can’t listen to another USC football game on radio (linked here).

==And why the Onion Sports uncovered something we didn’t know about Tropicana Field (linked here).

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