L.A.’s NFL TV Week 9: No Chargers, no Raiders, no worries … no reason not to nap away the day


I wish they all could be California teams.
But they aren’t.
San Diego has a bye this week after its smashing success in England, and Oakland is playing host to Atlanta, which gives it to the Fox people to put on your TV this weekend, but that network is far too enamored with the Cowboys playing at the Giants.
So every game you watch this weekend on “regular” TV will be with an East Coast kickoffs.
(OK, sorry, but Tennessee is Central time, only two hours head).
Still, how regional is that to your interest?
The Titans must be special, having not lost a game so far. Or did they lose yet? We watched the World Series rain delay last night and paid no attention to the football thing, even after Joe Buck came on and said the game had been suspended.
We wanted that re-run of “Malcolm in the Middle” to resume as fast as possible.


== 10 a.m., Channel 2: New York Jets at Buffalo (with Jim Nantz and Phil Simms), as CBS skips over Jacksonville-Cincinnati, Baltimore-Cleveland and Houston-Minnesota.

== 10 a.m., Channel 11: Green Bay at Tennessee (with Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston and Tony Siragusa). Fox also has a warmed-over Detroit-Chicago, Tampa Bay-Kansas City and Arizona-St. Louis that it has decided to pass over, with your approval.

== 1 p.m., Channel 11: Dallas at N.Y. Giants (with, as of today, Joe Buck, Troy Aikman and Pam Oliver on the call). If the World Series runs into November, Buck will probably stay with it — probably? as if that’s an option? — and Fox would have to find someone else to step in … maybe Pat Summerall? Fox’s plan is to finish Game 5 on Wednesday, the pick up potential Games 6 and 7 on Thursday and Friday. As for the NFL, Fox also has Atlanta-Oakland and Philadelphia-Seattle in this window. CBS could have decided on Miami-Denver here as its only game in L.A. this weekend, but it passed.

== 5:15 p.m., Channel 4: New England at Indianapolis (with Al Michaels, a rested John Madden and Andrea Kremer).


== 5:30 p.m., ESPN: Pittsburgh at Washington (with Mike Tirico, Tony Kornheiser and … that Jaworski lad)

Bye weeks: Carolina, New Orleans, San Diego and San Francisco.

== 5 p.m., NFL Network: Denver at Cleveland (with Bob Papa and Cris Collinsworth)

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