Rock the NBA vote

i-ee3b6172100d6fc90cd810a85cb398f3-cemetery.jpg has put in a new mechanism into place for drawing more fans to its NBA TV coverage of games each Tuesday night — let the viewers investing their time in the game pick which one they’ll see.

It makes far too much sense.

The promotion was mentioned on today’s TNT coverage of the Boston-Cleveland opener, sending folks to the NBA “Fan Night” website (linked here) and vote now for a game that will air on Election Night, Tues., Nov. 4, at 4:30 p.m.:

==Boston at Houston (which some think is a preview to the NBA Finals)
==Phoenix at New Jersey
==Dallas at San Antonio

Voting so far has Boston-Houston with a commanding lead. Voting goes through Wednesday and the winner is announced Wednesday night on NBA TV. To watch the game, of course, you need the channel, which is run by Turner Sports.

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