Doris Burke … quick, do a Google search


We know her name is Doris, rare for anyone walking the earth these days.
Someone made a Wikipedia page for her (linked here) that notes she was born on … that’s just impolite … attended Providence … A former all-Big East basketball player who blew out her knee in 1987 and stayed on as an assistant coach … her husband is the Rhode Island athletic department.

And because she has no baby issues, she’ll replace Michele Tafoya as a sideline reporter on the NBA games show on ABC this season.

Michele said the workload of the NBA, along with the NFL and the weekly pops on ESPN Radio, gave her little time for her family in Minnesota. So she’s backing away.

Burke, meanwhile, is only adding to her workload. She’ll also continue doing games for some ESPN NBA telecasts. She’ll also keep doing analysis for some ESPN men’s college games. And the WNBA. And the women’s basketball stuff. …

When did she become the new Anne Meyers?

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