Don’t be a slimeball — Slamball blowing up all over

The sport of trampolines and jumping out of one’s shoes, created at the turn of the century by Mason Gordon in cahoots with Mike Tollin’s Toluca Lake-based production company, has had a nice run on the Versus network as a Sunday programming staple.

It’ll get a major blast on CBS (Sunday, Channel 2, 3 p.m.) during NFL programming, so at least TiVo it.

(It’s already seen some major TV exposure: The CW series, “One Tree Hill,” produced by Tollin-Robins, has used a Slamball story arch in five eposides, including one coming up Monday. Coincidence? Of course not. Also you may remember seeing it on CBS’ “King of Queens” before).

And there’s another excuse to run some video of it, straight off the Slamball web site (

We did a big media story about the sport in 2002 when it was first becoming a TV show, first on TNN (former The Nashville Network, then Spike TV), and some local kids were some of the first Slamball participants. Last summer, they held an actual eight-team league, taped it all at Universal Studios, then parceled it out, leading to today’s final.

More on the background of the TV side in today’s USA Today (linked here) after the part where Chris Berman stuff where he puffs his chest out about given the assignment to interview Obama and McCain on Monday.

We’ll get far more indepth about the future of this human video game in a Sunday column — it’s heading to China, for example, and looks to find a lot of growth overseas as it continues to grow organically in this country. So give us a little hangtime to catch up.

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