You didn’t ask for it, but you get it: More Papadakis, almost Olympia Dukakis, ready to blow a kiss


John McCoy/Daily News Staff Photographer

Petros Papadakis’ appearance tonight on FSN’s “Best Damn Sports Show Period” won’t be until midway through the hour-long presentation, and doesn’t hit the L.A. TV market until 12:30 a.m. (early Saturday morning). But it’s still in prime time for any Halloween party gathering and worth seeking out.

The former USC fullback will be outfitted quite differently than what you may have seen him on “Jim Rome Is Burning” (today, ESPN, at 1:30 p.m.), the “BCS Breakdown” show (FSN West, today at 6 p.m.), the “BCS Ratings Show” (Sunday, FSN West, 8 p.m), the “Lexus Gauntlet” show (Monday, FSN Prime Ticket, 9 p.m.) or “The Challenge” with Fred Roggin (Sunday, 8 p.m., KNBC Channel 4).

How he missed an opportunity to be on “Gary, Unmarried” defies explanation. With or without the pearl necklace.

Before he took the stage Wednesday at the Fox Studio in Century City to tape his segment with Chris Rose (as Bret Michaels, above), Papadakis went through some proper primping for his role (as captured by Daily News staff photographer John McCoy):


== He blew into his dressing room shortly after 2 p.m. and found the blue-and-purple silk dress hanging their waiting for him.

Originally, he was going to dress as a cheerleader. Maybe no one could find an outfit to give him the right reason to yell.

Once he got the costume on, his real challenge was trying on the size 13 pumps.

A Fox wardrobe person said they actually had them in house. Why? Maybe Terry Bradshaw needed ’em for something in a prior Fox show.

“That is one ugly woman,” a “BDSSP” producer muttered into his talk-back device upon seeing Papadakis enter the set.

“I’m not an appealing lady,” Papadakis later admitted. “I may be the ugliest lady I’ve ever seen.”

== Below, having found the make-up chair, Papadakis gets some eye treatment from Shana Tully, while Roxy McFadden prepares a red wig she found somewhere (we’re guessing a past Ricki Lake appearance):


== Once on the set, Papadakis had to make sure he kept his shapely legs out of the way of his priceless undercarriage and keep Rose from making any provocative conversation, despite his own undesirable appearance:


== After hashing out Texas’ chances of knocking off Texas Tech, and the ins and outs of the Georgia-Florida game Saturday, Papadakis practically tore off his costume, starting with the shoes, before rushing back to the dressing room to change and try to make it to his radio show in Burbank before it started.

It’s not proper to hurry a dame out of her clothes so fast in L.A., right? We don’t want to cross anyone wrong here.

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